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Our Urgent Care Commitment

Mississauga Urgent Care Clinic  has offered state-of-the-art health care provided by highly qualified physicians who place an emphasis upon patient care. We have just about every health care specialist you and your family might need, and make referrals very simple. We are conveniently located at Creditview and Brittania intersection in Mississauga, Ontario.

If you are a newcomer

or a refugee, please come

to us and we will do whatever

we can to help you

Our Walk In Clinic

We hope to give you all the basic information you need about the clinic. Please take time to look through the entire Mississauga Urgent Care Clinic website for other information and upcoming events. Mississauga Urgent Care Clinic  values your opinions. At Mississauga Urgent Care Clinic  is staffed with specially trained physicians and experienced nurses who take the time to educate our patients about their medical condition, as well as about appropriate access and utilization of the health system and their health insurance coverage.
Ultra Care Clinic Mississauga

Welcome to Urgent Care Medical Clinic

Mississauga Urgent Care Clinic will have the perfect physician for you and your family. Please click here to review our physicians and their specialties. 
Walk In Health Care Clinic
Our clinic provides flu clinics starting in the fall for the entire community. The flu shots are free to Mississauga Urgent Care Clinic patients.
Urgent Care Health Clinic
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Flu Shots Available Soon - Walk In Welcome!